Ahoy Finance

Managing money should be easy.
Now it is.

Organize with Buckets
Put your money to work with a defined purpose, and spend it when you're ready.
Spend from On Deck
Your On Deck balance tells you how much you can spend after accounting for what's reserved in your buckets.
Automate Spending
Streamline money flow with per-transaction rules and build your own routines with Shortcuts.

Requires paid subscription
30-day free trial
$4.99 per month / $49.99 per year

Intuitive Interface

At a glance, see the On Deck balance for every connected account and how much you've saved in every bucket.
One-tap transfers
With the touch of a button, divvy up your paycheck to contribute to all your spending buckets and savings goals.
Carefully designed, impressively powerful
Rename transactions and spend them from your buckets—you're in control every time money goes in or out.
Thousands of banks
Ahoy uses Plaid to securely access your financial data, supporting thousands of financial institutions in the US and Canada.
Powerful Automation
Use rules to automate renaming transactions and spending from buckets. Need complex transaction matching? Use regular expressions. And with support for Shortcuts, set up your own workflows to fetch balances and move money to buckets.

Ahoy is carefully designed to make financial management simple and intuitive.

And with native features like Dark Mode, Widgets, Shortcuts support, and more, your expereience feels right at home on iPhone.
Whether you're already a pro or just getting started on your financial journey, Ahoy can help. Get started today.