Privacy Policy

This policy applies to all information collected or submitted on the Ahoy website and iPhone app, as well as any other platform used to access the service. Your use of the service constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of this privacy policy.

Data We Collect

We do not collect or store any personal data without your explicit consent, and the limited data we do collect is used solely by the developer and never shared, sold, or distributed.

The iPhone app and website make standard web requests over HTTP/S, which may log metadata including IP address and user agent on Ahoy servers.

Your email address is used to uniquely identify your account. You may receive limited emails from Ahoy, including but not limited to password change notifications and important product updates. Additional optional communication may be available on an opt-in or opt-out basis. If third parties are used to facilitate these services, they will be linked below.

Your financial data, as provided by Plaid (more details below), is securely stored on Ahoy servers. All sensitive information is deleted immediately when you delete your account or up to 60 days after your subscription expires, as applicable. This information may be accessed in response to support requests.

Third Parties

The website and iPhone app use Google Analytics, which may use cookies to provide us with usage data. Usage analytics enable us to understand user activity to improve the service. Beta testers may be subject to increased collection of usage data for development purposes. For more about how Google uses your information, see their applicable privacy policy.

Financial data is provided by Plaid. Read more about Plaid's privacy practices. Ahoy securely stores financial on data on our servers, including balances and transaction information. Your account numbers are never accessed, seen, or stored by Ahoy.

Ahoy uses RevenueCat as our payment processor. Some billing information is shared anonymously with RevenueCat for purposes of verifying subscription status. Their privacy policy is here.

Web traffic is directed through Cloudflare for performance and protection. Cloudflare does get access to basic technical information, including IP address. Please reference their privacy policy for more information.